Feathered Frame Photography Nashville


I’m Erin, a professional portrait photographer located in Nashville, Tennessee. My real passion is photographing people, and the beach, or a combination of the two if I’m lucky.  Whether it’s model portraits, lifestyle, beach, sunsets, engagement, commercial, or a promotional business shoot, what really interests me is capturing a story.  I love to photograph in many different styles, and can adjust my shooting and editing style to meet the needs of my clientele. I love natural light, but also enjoy adding that extra pop with additional lighting when necessary. I am not an over-stager.  I love a simple and relaxed approach and prefer to keep things as fun and laid back as possible. I welcome all inquires and hope to speak with you soon!   -Erin    


The Doherty Family

Had so much fun with the Dohertys during this year's fall session. They moved out of their first family home this past year. The home each of their girls came home to from the hospital. The home they took their first steps, learned to ride a bike, and where they said...

Stella McBride

Stella McBride... where do I begin? Creative does not even begin to cover it. Nor does the word kind, funny, stylish, or loyal. Stella is 22, as of TODAY!, AND RECENTLY ENGAGED, so roll out the celebratory carpet and celebrate along with her. As a fashion major in...

My Time in Florida

In March of 2016, Drew and I made one of our life long dreams come true by moving to the beach. For a year we delighted in the ability to dip our toes in the ocean any time we please. We strolled down the shore at sunset as often as possible, and of course took full...